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Must Visit Travel Destination in Gianyar Bali

Posted by Get Bali Island on Apr 19 2018
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The island of Bali is well-known by the world because of the beauty of their beach. No doubt that the island of Bali has a marvelous charm which also fascinating. However, Gianyar regency in Bali gives a proof that tourist destinations in Bali are not only about beaches. The potential can be seen from the diversity of tourist destinations in Gianyar. Below we show you the destination in Gianyar Regency.

1. Refreshing Body in Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall Bali Photo By:AF_Joy

This destination has a waterfall with four meters high with a fairly heavy flow of water. The stream is sourced from the Tukad River. Even so, you can still find clear water on this destination. For local residents, this location is also a major source of clean water. With the surrounding landscape still filled with green trees, this place can certainly be a refreshing tonic of mind.

2. Exciting Rice Terraces Pattern in Tegalalang

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Photo By:Kate Ott

Ceking Rice Terraces in Tegalalang Ubud is one of the must-visit tourist attractions after your vacation from Kintamani. The location is close. The cool atmosphere makes this place as the famous destination for tourists, both domestic and foreign. Here are also some cafes that you can visit and relax for a moment while capturing moments.

3. Gianyar also Has a Replica of The Grand Canyon

Beji Guwang Canyon Bali Photo By: Jitterbugsss

The similar place like the Grand Canyon in the United States can also be found in Gianyar, Bali preciously in Guang Village. Although not 100% identical, but the beauty still makes you amazing. The attraction of the Green Canyon Guwang is a view of the rock cliffs on the banks of a river that has a height of about 20 to 30 meters, with a flow of the river.

4. Walking Around at Campuhan Ridge Walk  Gianyar

Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud Gianyar Photo By: Sura Ark

Campuhan is a stretch of hills which is very beautiful. Along the ridge, the path for pedestrians has been coated with paving. No wonder if this place is also often a jogging track. In this area, there is also a temple called Gunung Lebah Temple which many tourists stop by after visit Campuhan Ridge Walk.

Travel to the island of Bali not only about to spend time on the beach. There are many natural destinations in Bali that are waiting for you to visit. One of them is Gianyar, a district that offers complete nature destination destinations. So let prepare your bag and let travel to those place.

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